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My Story . . . Your Story

So . . . about this mom thing. I was hoping it would come with a manual, but the What to Expect When You’re Expecting book stopped at year 1.

Now what? I asked this over a decade ago. And, my God, has this decade been filled with online research, half-read parenting books, Facebook groups, advice from mom friends, advice from non-mom friends, mindfulness therapy, multiple visits to the pediatrician, and mandatory meditation practice! Still, I find myself asking, “What Now?” My kids are growing up and each day is a new milestone, a new problem, a new discovery they make about themselves.

To help us all, I’m asking all of you wonderful and exhausted moms to join The Mom Chronicle Community.  I’m compiling my research and hard-won knowledge and successes and failures in real time – here in this Mom Safe Space. I’m asking you to do the same. Let’s share your tips and tricks, lift each other up, and give each other grace.

So, whether you’re Single Mom, Stay-at-Home Mom, PTA Mom, Working Mom, OCD Mom . . . whatever mom you are at the moment . .  check out the safe, judgement-free community you’ll find here in my digital mom zone. Welcome to your new safe space. Feel free to be candid, open, honest. No matter your mom type (or the mom hat you’re wearing this minute), the community you find here can help turn Crazy Mom back into Sane Mom. Happy momming!