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Who We Are

Me and My Boys

We are all a part of the collective conscious trying to find sanity on this rotating boulder teeming with life. You and I are different, yet the same. We come from the earth and return to the earth. We are born, live, and die. We are the essence of something that is truly greater than we are.

That is a cosmic universal view of who we are.

After that, we can acknowledge our labels: mine consist of mom, daughter, caregiver, teacher, writer, singer . . . I will acknowledge these things that describe "what I do." I will acknowledge labels that describe "how I act": obsessive-compulsive, recovering workaholic, fierce friend, food addict.

What I will not do? What do I hope for you?

We will not allow these labels to define "who we are."

Who am I?

I answer with an equally thought-provoking question:

Who are you? After you strip away all the things that you do? Who are you at your core? Who are you right now?

I am on this journey to discover myself a little more every day. One of the tools to get me there - how I interact with the little people that emerged from within me. I am looking at the "me" I see in my relationships with the most vulnerable around me, my children. I am thinking of those moments of awareness where I am stripped bare in my role as mother, as nurturer. I am using this as a mirror to focus on the raw, real, naked soul inside of me.

And . . . this is the safe space that we can all share. Welcome to the guilt-free, judgement-free, digital safe space for all of us moms out there.

Dear moms, thank you for joining me in this challenging journey.

Oh, and remember:

"Parenthood: the only place you can experience Heaven and Hell at the same time."  -Anonymous

Now, let's go out there. Let's get messy and find our happy.