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A New Year, The Same Me

Every year people set New Year’s resolutions, usually goals to eat better, get slimmer, bulk up, be healthy, earn more money, impress more people, etc., etc., on and on. I have stubbornly boycotted New Year’s resolutions for years now. I just find it so wasteful to wait an entire year to finally set new goals. I truly believe that a goal worth setting should be set promptly and lived out as much as possible, no matter what time of year it is. We bring our same selves into the new year. So, it’s a new year and the same me. Changing doesn’t happen overnight; it takes work and dedication.

So, instead of setting resolutions of what I want to DO this year, I decided to evaluate my past year and set intentions to continue the good work of realizing who I want to BE for the new year. I am building on my hard work and the growth I’ve made this year.

I have found that I am genuinely at peace today. I have joy and gratitude in my life that I was unable to hold onto and understand at this time last year (or in previous years). I can accept the good and the bad and the in-between. I want to continue to live in this state of acceptance and inner joy, so this year, I am setting the following intentions.

My Intentions for a New Year

This year, I want to learn how to be still.

I want to continue discovering myself.

I want to laugh more, love deeper, feel without judging,

Accept fully – the painful and the joyous, the mediocre moments and the


I want to live in the moments and the in-between times

Settle into my restlessness

Find solace in stillness

Touch the sky and chase the wind

Sing loud and honestly

Create and admire others’ creations.

I want to breathe deeply, connect with the intangible

Walk the bridge between the material world and the mysteries just beyond

Live life and let go

Experience with acceptance

Embrace that life is wonderfully messy

Break away from judgement and criticism

Choose to speak up

Or walk away

Accept that this year will hold

Sadness and happiness

Excitement and fear

Growth and periods of rest

It will be another year of my life

Another year


A new year

One in which I




I want to live in each moment,

Break open the nectar and drink deeply from the present

Appreciate and truly be with those walking beside me,

Honor their presence with my attention.

I want this year to be a year of




on the immaterial things that make me kinder, more empathetic,

courageous, and strong.

I promise to begin again and again and again

I promise to remember:

With Each New Breath


a new moment


new life.

Honesty. Truth. Authenticity. I want to share my space in the mommy trenches with other moms out there. Words to live by: Be love. Love yourself. Then, love others. Love deeply. Love fully. Love well.

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